Investing in disruptive innovation technologies

About Commercis

Commercis is a group of leading innovative technology companies. Founded in 2020, it brings together a selection of businesses that focus on disruptive communications and technologies as a key enabler of growth.

The founding companies: Talia, Technology ExchangeQuika, Data Grid Networks and Evonergy, each bring with them their particular specialities to make Commercis a strong contender in the international technology service delivery marketplace.

Building on our best-in-class culture, Commercis will be a leading technology service provider. By bringing together all parts of the process, we will deliver connectivity, energy, technology, IoT solutions and first-class support. Our international reach means that we support multinational companies wherever they are, particularly in regions underserved by local infrastructure.

Our growing list of partnerships with industry-leading technology companies means access to some of the latest and innovative products currently available – all supported by fully trained local technicians. Through access to such an array of companies and advanced technologies, and without loyalty to any particular platform, we deliver the most appropriate solution to meet specific needs.

We believe there shouldn’t be a premium for excellence; that’s why over 100+ extraordinary and dedicated people inspire our culture.

Our group of companies

Our headquarters
Commercis is headquartered in 
London with offices worldwide.
+44 (0)20 3318 1500