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Augmented Reality (AR) as a technology enabler to digitalisation of global operations...

Augmented Reality (AR) as a technology enabler to digitalisation of global operations in delivery of connectivity and complex network solutions.

Talia, a Commercis Plc company and global leader in providing communications solutions and services to organisations based in remote locations, has unveiled a first-in-class augmented reality (AR) support platform that enables field service engineers to deliver evidence-based support services.

In the aftermath of the global pandemic, vendors have experienced resource shortages and economic pressures in the face of rising demand. These challenges are leading many to look to new and innovative ways to continue to deliver robust service and support.

Talia believes AR can significantly benefit clients when delivering first-line support, especially in inspection, maintenance, education, and repairs. First, interventions and analysis can be undertaken remotely, enabling immediate fixes for non-critical faults, saving time and enhancing service quality. Secondly, carefully scripted scenarios enable remote expert engineers to clearly and safely navigate complex infrastructure directly, assisting client-based technicians.

"Engineering expertise combined with the latest augmented reality technology enables Talia and its clients to facilitate a more sophisticated approach to support, a clearer understanding of service issues along with faster, more intelligent decision-making," said Alan Afrasiab, Talia CEO and President. "Investing in innovative technologies minimises risks and decreases the time required to complete tasks whilst increasing productivity and reducing operational costs; it also frees up time and reduces dependency on our engineers, ensuring they can share their knowledge and respond to the most urgent issues."

The combination of continuously evolving high-performance headsets, connectivity and software applications makes AR technology a compelling solution for clients.

Eliminating the reliance on in-person service not only means that engineers can stay focussed on critical issues while delivering fast responses and solutions to clients but also that the environmental impact of staff travelling to a site can be reduced, further easing global sustainability pressures.

Furthermore, by recording interactions and analysing data collected, Talia can identify potential issues and more severe hazards to mitigate risk. With access to this data, future engineers can use this accrued knowledge to train in real-life simulations in a safe and controlled setting, allowing them to practice complex tasks without the risk of injury or damage to equipment.

AR can be hugely beneficial by providing real-time intelligence to support operational and preventive maintenance decision-making. With further enhancements in artificial intelligence, the scale and reach of solutions and services offered, future maintenance and problem-solving can be faster and potentially further automated.

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