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Breaking boundaries by unveiling the East-West connection with launch of innovative transit route, spanning Asia, Europe, and Africa

As a leading telecommunication solution provider, the addition of this ground-breaking transit route linking east and west will provide customers with a strategic and diverse route for their network traffic and seamlessly connect Asia, Europe, and Africa, fostering unparalleled opportunities for economic growth and innovation.

The newly established route represents a significant achievement in the telecommunication industry, consolidating our position as a pioneer in advancing global connectivity solutions. The robust and innovative infrastructure provides new options to serve regions by tying together key growth markets and providing governments and businesses with enhanced reliability, speed, and security in their digital interactions.

Commenting on the launch of the new transit route, Alan Afrasiab, Group CEO and President at Commercis, stated, "We are thrilled to unveil this transformative infrastructure that will redefine global connectivity standards. By bridging Asia, Europe, and Africa, our transit route strategically links major economic hubs, facilitating seamless communication and data exchange between regions.”

Paul Ziegler, SVP Network and Carriers at Commercis adds: “Subsea infrastructure, currently, serve as a critical arteries for global internet traffic, facilitating communication, commerce, and collaboration across continents. However, in instance of an incident such as a cable cut it highlights vulnerabilities in the connectivity infrastructure, underscoring the need for enhanced redundancy and diversity measures.

Here at Commercis, we recognize the importance of maintaining uninterrupted connectivity for businesses, governments, and individuals. As such, we are committed to providing diverse network solutions to mitigate the impact of cable cuts and ensure continuity of service for our valued partners and customers.”

Alan Afrasiab continues: “This initiative reaffirms our commitment to driving connectivity and fostering growth on an international scale. Leveraging advanced technology and strategic partnerships, the IP route enables seamless data transmission, maximizing efficiency for governments, businesses and many economies alike.”

The company remains committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation and as the world becomes increasingly interconnected, the establishment of this new transit route underscores Commercis’s dedication to shaping the future of telecommunications and driving positive change globally.

As the world becomes increasingly reliant on digital technologies for commerce, communication, and collaboration, initiatives like this play a crucial role in ensuring that no region is left behind in the digital age.

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