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Unlocking your power of connectivity with our satellite, fibre and hybrid communication solutions
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Providing you with scalable, secure and reliable hosting and data centre services
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Pioneering new technologies enabling you to stay ahead of the curve with cutting-edge solutions
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Emphasising innovation, collaboration, and responsible practices to deliver a holistic, adaptable, sustainable and resilient global infrastructure
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Using digital intelligence to harness the power of data and the latest technology for a secure digital transformation
Providing reliable, fast and robust communication and connectivity services
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A large teleport facilities, data center services and reliable infrastructure for data management
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Providing internet connectivity directly to end-user whenever its needed
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Terrestrial connectivity

Empowering your evolving operations with robust and unlimited connectivity solutions, whatever the need

With our terrestrial networks services we support a wide range of applications, including voice communication, internet access, video streaming, online gaming, cloud computing, and IoT connectivity. They are versatile and adaptable to evolving technology needs.

Over the recent years we have put effort into the development of our Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) network. With the cloud becoming increasingly congested, the development in MPLS and vMPLS mean a greater control on traffic prioritisation across both satellite and terrestrial infrastructure.

Commercis’s Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) is the ideal solution for organisations with multiple operations and remote workers across the world, whether in cities or more isolated rural locations. As an ultra-secure network it allows you to safely connect people in different locations to work together seamlessly and efficiently, improving productivity and communication.

With MPLS, you can tie all of your locations together, creating one single carrier-neutral network, eliminating carrier hardware and removing the need for firewalls at each site, reducing cost and simplifying your network.

Experience the power of seamless and unlimited connectivity, at anytime and at any location


Microwave connectivity

Whether you need high-speed data transfer, real-time communication, or connectivity, microwave solutions will transform your connectivity experience and drive your business forward. Our microwave solutions helps you expand your network at the most remote locations whilst providing reliability, and delivery of high-speed connectivity for demanding applications ensuring your operations run smoothly.

Fiber connectivity

Our flexible and scalable solutions provide connectivity however and wherever you need it. Our fiber connectivity solution offers the bandwidth that supports your data-intensive applications, including video conferencing, IoT, and more. Now, with our fiber connectivity, you experience unparalleled reliability, minimizing downtime and ensuring your operations run smoothly.



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