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Unlocking your power of connectivity with our satellite, fibre and hybrid communication solutions
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Providing you with scalable, secure and reliable hosting and data centre services
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Pioneering new technologies enabling you to stay ahead of the curve with cutting-edge solutions
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Emphasising innovation, collaboration, and responsible practices to deliver a holistic, adaptable, sustainable and resilient global infrastructure
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Using digital intelligence to harness the power of data and the latest technology for a secure digital transformation
Providing reliable, fast and robust communication and connectivity services
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A large teleport facilities, data center services and reliable infrastructure for data management
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Providing internet connectivity directly to end-user whenever its needed
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Technology Solutions

Technology Solutions

Commercis Technology is a collaborative environment, providing access to innovative technologies and world-class expertise, enabling you to envision, design and develop solutions to meet your needs.

We have created an environment rich with resources and formed from alliances with leading international technology businesses.

Come and hear from experts in our immersive training theatre, with sessions showcasing the very latest in technological innovation and best-practice.

Benefit from qualified individuals with insight into hardware, software, data security and digital services to help you transform your organisation.

Our Explore sessions examine your current IT environment and organisations objectives to give a clear and actionable vision of how we can help you reach your goals.

Our Workshop sessions delve deeper with our systems architects working closely with key members of your technical staff to share knowledge to deliver your custom solution.

Our technical know-how and insight will save you time and money, reduce risk and maximise value and create a strategic advantage for your organisation.


Artificial Intelligence

The application of artificial intelligence (AI) goes beyond “better” or “faster” processes for data-driven decision-making. [...]


The metaverse is still evolving and is the subject of ongoing research and development. The current developments and knowledge [...]

Training academy

In a very competitive, innovative and dynamic business landscape, a knowledgeable workforce is an invaluable resource. [...]


Your business is unique and as it grows, its needs change and become even more demanding. [...]

Research and development

With advances in information and communication technologies resulting from our R&D we are helping to transform the way people and businesses connect and share information, fostering global collaboration. Our R&D enables you to keep ahead of the trends and ensures that your business can leverage the newest technologies enabling you to work on more effective strategies.


As the world becomes more interconnected through the internet, cybersecurity becomes a global concern. Cyberattacks can have far-reaching consequences beyond national borders, making international cooperation crucial and cannot be overstated in today's digital landscape.


Intelligent Automation Services can provide your business with the tools to self-develop and adapt to changes and deal with interruptions.

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