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Talia provides a mesh network for the national bank of an African country. With the local infrastructure being extremely unreliable, the mesh network has proven itself to offer fail-safe connections between the bank’s data centre and its remote branches, as well as interconnecting the remote branches to improve account enquiries.

The mesh network also provides non-stop connectivity between the main data centre and the backup data centre. The main bank databases are constantly replicated for international transactions so that, in the event of a failure at the main data centre, all branches are redirected to the backup data centre preventing any data loss. The main network node at the Talia teleport in Germany provides the international gateway to the bank and interconnects the foreign banks and SWIFT banking networks.

The flexibility of the mesh network has allowed the bank to add more branches with similar facilities by simply duplicating hardware and software in-branch solutions. Furthermore, the central bank has been able to add more services to its portfolio simply by adding increased bandwidth to the shared pool already in place.

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