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Artificial Intelligence

Accelerating digital transformation with AI and AR technologies

The application of artificial intelligence (AI) goes beyond “better” or “faster” processes for data-driven decision-making. It has the potential to identify trends, reduce costs, and improve efficiency across the oil and gas value chain. AI is inspiring and enabling a new operational approach to the digital oilfield; from initial upstream exploration activities through safety and routine tasks, all the way through to downstream end-user delivery.

The digital oilfield software replicates the behaviour of an oil or gas field using workflows for automation and clusters to speed up calculations. The applications are used as an on-line management system throughout the entire lifecycle of any asset to analyse a large amount of data in real-time and to identify patterns that would be impossible to recognise immediately. These powerful tools autonomously improve and develop to support and accelerate performance all around the digital oilfield.

Commercis will take a closer look at the benefits and existing real-life successes of integration of innovations like AI and AR with IoT into day-to-day operations across oilfields, all possible and delivered through resilient and secure connectivity in the many, often very harsh environments.

Evidence-based findings on workforce health and safety, improved training and education, improved efficiency, and asset management by use of smart technologies improved operations whilst reducing running costs. Focussing on how the advanced technologies deliver realistic tests of safety and compliance procedures, and positively impact further improvements in accuracy, efficiency and safety protocols positively impacting the well-being of the workforce involving critical infrastructure and sensitive operations.

In the landscape of technology-driven advancements, the integration and management of services play a pivotal role in delivering a unified interface. Through integration, disparate systems can communicate and share data in real-time at any operational level, bringing the tech to the edge and closer to the operation eliminating silos and fostering a more interconnected digital ecosystem. Reliable and effective service management from design and deployment to ongoing support and performance monitoring, and further enhancement and optimization as a crucial role in streamlining processes, reducing redundancies, and enhancing the overall efficiency of the digital ecosystem, which will further drive operational innovation.

Exploring how mainly remote oilfield operations can use smart technologies and approaches to meet international standards and requirements of sustainability and carbon footprint reduction without compromising on productivity and operational performance.

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