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Commercis to Install a New Power Substation and Distribution System for Oil & Gas Facility

Oneil Fernandez, Chief Operating Officer, Commercis Energy

Commercis Energy, a leading renewable energy technology company, has successfully completed a modular power substation for a large oil producer in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. Thanks to the team’s technical and commercial expertise, Commercis won a highly competitive bid to design, install and commission the new facility, replacing an ageing temporary power generation system.

While experiencing issues with its existing power generation systems, resulting in increased upkeep and the potential of major disruptive threats, our client was seeking a reliable control and protection switchgear solution. Prioritizing peace of mind in terms of security and longevity, as well as easy maintenance, Commercis was able to deliver over and above the client’s initial requirement.

Offering containerized control and protection modules for the 10 MW substation, Commercis was able to provide the Iraqi oil and gas facility with tangible benefits. In addition to reducing the need for frequent maintenance, Commerics' services were also able to protect equipment from external elements and access control to authorized personnel. Thus, increasing service and security reliability throughout the system.

Chief Operating Officer of the renewable energy company, Oneil Fernandez, commented on the positive relationship and experience the company had with its client, stating: “Everyone really pulled together from day one, which was crucial to the success of this project. Although we did encounter obstacles during the installation and commissioning phase (including the worldwide pandemic,) we were able to overcome any potential stumbling blocks by remaining open, honest and flexible in our approach, and by collaborating extensively with everybody involved in the project to reach satisfactory conclusions.”

Commercis' involvement in this project allowed our client to see vast automation and security improvements due to the advanced features it provides. In the future, Commercis aims to create long-term, sustainable solutions tailored to our client's needs to ensure better running systems throughout the workplace. 

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