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Quika Introduces Local Broadband Service

Quika has announced the launch of Quicknet, a new wireless broadband service. Quika has provided sustainable, quality services across various continents and Quicknet aims to do the same on a local scale, starting in Iraq. Differing from other broadband services on the market, Quicknet seeks to build a community with their customers, providing them with various benefits when subscribing to one of the tailored packages.

While being a broadband provider, Quicknet will be content-driven. Moreover, its users will not only experience high-speed connectivity but will be able to enjoy unique features available on the system. Ranging from educational resources to entertainment opportunities features not found on average broadband services in the Middle East.

Following Quika’s brand value of connecting the unconnected and surmounting the digital divide, Quicknet aims to be accessible and affordable to all consumers, including those who currently have little to no connectivity.

Quicknet provides a variety of service levels from occasional use to active business users. For more information visit

Regional Director of Quika, Iraq

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